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Thu 6/18/2015
10:15 a.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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36. 2015-0770 RECEIVE report by the Caltrans District Director on Delivery of Projects on I-5. Received View Download
37. 2015-0438 WITHDRAWN: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to amend the FY16 budget to add: A. 37 18 non-contract full-time equivalent (FTE) positions (with 7 non-contract FTE positions already ... Withdrawn View Download
38. 2015-0189 WITHDRAWN: AUTHORIZE: A. an increase to the total contract value for Contract No. MC069, with Stantec Consulting, Inc., to provide Construction Management Support Services In an amount ... Withdrawn View Download
39. 2015-0218 WITHDRAWN: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute Contract Modification No. 3 to Contract No. MC070, to ARCADIS, U.S., Inc. to continue providing Construction Management Support ... Withdrawn View Download
40. 2015-0220 WITHDRAWN: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to execute Change Modification No. 2 to Contract No. MC071, Westside Extension Support Team (WEST), to continue providing Construction ... Withdrawn View Download
41. 2015-0577 CONSTRUCTION COMMITTEE FORWARDED WITHOUT RECOMMENDATION amending the FY 16 Budget to add $800,000 to Project 405556 Systemwide Planning in Cost Center 4330, Countywide Planning and Development to ... Approved View Download
42. 2015-0217 WITHDRAWN: AUTHORIZE the CEO to execute Contract Modification No. 22 to Contract No. E0119 with The Connector Partnership Joint Venture (CPJV) Inc. to continue providing Design Support Services ... Withdrawn View Download
43. 2015-0532 AUTHORIZED UNDER RECONSIDERATION the Chief Executive Officer to execute Change Order 195.00 to Contract No. C0882, with Kiewit Infrastructure West Company, for settlement of Claim No.115 for the ... Approved View Download
67. 2015-0484 WITHDRAWN: authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to execute a cost-plus-fixed-fee Contract No. PS2415-3412 with STV, Inc. for the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project in the amount of ... Withdrawn View Download
44. 2015-0677 RECEIVE AND FILE monthly report on Crenshaw/LAX Safety. Received View Download
45. 2015-0662 RECEIVE AND FILE status on the Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers Policy programs on the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor and Regional Connector Transit Corridor projects for activity ... Received View Download
46. 2015-0651 RECEIVE oral update on Engineering and Construction Executive Director’s report. Received View Download
47. 2015-0609 RECEIVE oral report on Transit Program Project Budget & Schedule Status. Received View Download
48. 2015-0772 RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer. Received View Download