The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Thu 4/20/2023
11:00 a.m.
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority One Gateway Plaza 3rd Floor Board Room

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Board Reports

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22. 2022-0509 AMEND the Life-of-Project (LOP) Budget by $10,000,000 for the Crenshaw/LAX Close Out Project (Project), increasing it from $47,000,000 to $57,000,000. Adopted View Download
23. 2023-0159 CONSIDER: A. AMENDING the Life of Project Budget (LOP) Budget for Project No. 460324 Soundwall Package 11 Highway Project by an amount of $8,525,000, increasing the LOP budget from $102,485,000 ... Adopted View Download
24. 2022-0858 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING the Pilot Business Interruption Fund (BIF) Assessment; B. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to expand the Pilot Business Interruption Fund (BIF) to the ... Approved View Download
25. 2023-0009 AUTHORIZE The Chief Executive Officer to: A. AWARD AND EXECUTE a cost reimbursable fixed fee Contract No. AE83177E0130, to Jacobs Project Management Company, for preconstruction services and ... None View Download
26. 2023-0197 AMENDING the Life-of-Project (LOP) budget by $80,000,000 for the Division 20 Portal Widening Turnback Facility (Project) from $876,749,577 to $956,749,577 using the fund sources as summarized in ... Adopted View Download
27. 2023-0176 RECEIVE AND FILE status on Program Management Quarterly Change Report. None View Download
28. 2023-0111 RECEIVE AND FILE Office of the Inspector General Construction Change Order Spot Check Report for the period December 1 to February 28, 2022. None View Download
29. 2023-0100 AMEND the Life of Project (LOP) budget by $13,000,000 for the Metro Center Project from $130,688,310 to $143,688,310. Adopted View Download
30. 2023-0177 RECEIVE AND FILE Program Management Major Project Status Report. None View Download
2023-0234 RECEIVE General Public Comment None View Download