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Thu 11/19/2015
11:30 a.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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22. 2015-1570 RECEIVE AND FILE update report on the Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers policy programs for activity through the quarter ending September 2015. Received View Download
42. 2015-1655 APPROVING amendment of Title 6, Chapter 6-05 of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Administrative Code, otherwise known as the Metro Customer Code of Conduct, as set ... Adopted View Download
17. 2015-1608 A. APPROVING the 2017 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Update Proposed Performance Metrics Framework (Attachment A) to be used in analyzing all proposed major transit and highway projects ... Approved View Download
43. 2015-1686 ADOPTING the proposed 2016 Federal and State Legislative Program. Approved View Download
44. 2015-1626 CONSIDER authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to execute a thirty year (30-year) License Agreement with Clear Channel Outdoor (“CCO”) for the installation and operation of a digital outdoor ... Approved View Download
45. 2015-1628 AUTHORIZING: A. the Chief Executive Officer to execute a ten year (10-year) Lease Agreement, including an option to extend for an additional five (5) year term, with Groundwork Coffee and Tea ... Approved View Download
46. 2015-1629 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to amend the existing revenue contract with Allvision LLC (Allvision) to provide for the following terms: A. Metro will waive the requirement for ... Approved View Download
49. 2015-1639 RECEIVE AND FILE report on Community College Student Transit Pass Pilot Program in response to Motion 49.1. Received View Download
50. 2015-1674 AUTHORIZING the expansion of the Pilot Business Interruption Fund to include funding for eligible small “mom and pop” businesses directly impacted by unprecedented full street closures with a ... Approved View Download
51. 2015-1693 MOTION by Antonovich and Fasana that in recognition of Bob Bartlett’s accomplishments that the Metro Maintenance and Operation Facility in Monrovia, be named the Bob Bartlett Division; and ... Approved View Download