The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Thu 10/20/2016
11:30 a.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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33. 2016-0791 RECEIVE AND FILE State and Federal Legislative Report. Received View Download
35. 2016-0748 RECEIVE AND FILE report on Federal Freight Funding Program Update. Received View Download
36. 2016-0503 RECEIVE AND FILE report back on sustainability strategies, accomplishments and short and long-term plans related to green infrastructure, sustainability transportation and workforce development ... Received View Download
42. 2016-0778 RECEIVE AND FILE status report on Metro’s Zero Emission Bus Plans. Received View Download
14. 2016-0706 RECEIVE AND FILE report on Metro’s Program Management Plan. Received View Download
37. 2016-0737 RECEIVE oral report on the potential role of public-private partnerships in delivering Metro projects. Received View Download
38. 2016-0789 APPROVE revised Property Naming Policy with the addition of guidelines to implement and manage a Corporate Sponsorship/Naming Rights Program for the purpose of generating revenue or valued ... Active View Download
39. 2016-0743 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to execute two five-year lease agreements (“Lease Agreements”), including an additional five (5) year option, with Peggy Nairn, dba Penny and Peggy ... Approved View Download
40. 2016-0584 ADOPT the Title VI Program Update presented in Attachments A and B. Approved View Download
41. 2016-0642 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to exercise Option 4.4, Additional Year of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) - Year 4, Modification No. 71 for Contract No. ... Received View Download
20. 2016-0765 CONSIDER AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to: A. AWARD a two-year, firm fixed price Contract No. PS2890900 to Del Richardson & Associates, Inc. for professional services to operate the ... Approved View Download
43. 2016-0838 APPROVE Motion by Directors Ridley-Thomas, Fasana, Bonin and Dupont-Walker that the Board of Directors direct the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to dedicate up to $1.2M towards the deployment of ... Approved View Download