The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Thu 3/16/2023
9:00 a.m.
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority One Gateway Plaza 3rd Floor Board Room

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Board Reports

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15. 2023-0129 ADOPT staff recommended positions: A. AB 463 (Hart) Electricity: prioritization of service: public transit vehicles. - WORK WITH AUTHOR B. AB 761 (Friedman) Transit Transformation Task Force. - ... Adopted View Download
16. 2023-0074 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. EXECUTE Modification No. 5 to Contract No. PS41099B - License to Sell and Display Advertising on Metro Bus System, with OUTFRONT Media Group, LLC, ... Approved View Download
17. 2023-0120 RECEIVE AND FILE a list of all Metro-owned property that is vacant, surplus, or underutilized. Received View Download
18. 2023-0089 APPROVE: A. the finding that Mobility Wallets are exempt from federal income tax because the payments promote the general welfare of low-income eligible participants and do not represent ... Approved View Download
19. 2023-0056 RECEIVE AND FILE report on funding plans for the West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) and Metro L (Gold) Line Foothill Extension in response to Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Cycle 6 Grant ... Active View Download
7. 2023-0183 APPROVE Motion by Directors Hahn, Dutra, Solis, and Barger that the Board direct the Chief Executive Officer to work collaboratively with the West Santa Ana Branch Corridor City manager ... Approved View Download
20. 2023-0184 APPROVE Motion by Directors Hahn, Mitchell, Najarian, Dupont-Walker, and Horvath that the Board direct the Chief Executive Officer to: A. Identify priority bus stops within each local ... Approved View Download
21. 2023-0128 RECEIVE AND FILE March 2023 State and Federal Legislative Report. Active View Download
22. 2023-0167 RECEIVE oral report on ridership and security trends. Received View Download
23. 2022-0868 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute contract modifications to extend the current multi-agency transit law enforcement contracts annually for up to ... Approved View Download
2023-0155 RECEIVE General Public Comment None View Download