The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Thu 5/20/2021
12:00 p.m.
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Board Reports

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36. 2021-0124 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a one-year, sole-source, firm-fixed price Contract No. PS74047000 to Cambridge Systematics, Inc. for the purchase of Locus software license and ... Approved View Download
37. 2021-0246 RECEIVE AND FILE May 2021 State and Federal Legislative Report. Received View Download
38. 2021-0203 CONSIDER transmitting Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI) comment letter (Attachment A) to the California State Transportation Agency. Approved View Download
39. 2021-0336 Adopt the Fareless System Initiative Pilot Program. A. Approve a twenty-three (23) month Fareless System Initiative Pilot; cost-sharing negotiations are underway B. Authorization of three Full ... Active View Download
40. 2021-0230 RECEIVE AND FILE the 2021 Progress Report on the Metro Vision 2028 Strategic Plan. Received View Download
41. 2021-0228 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING the proposed MicroTransit Fare Structure with the introductory rate of $1 for the remainder of calendar year 2021 and adopt the $2.50 full fare effective January 1, 2022 ... Approved View Download
42. 2020-0062 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. NEGOTIATE AND EXECUTE a cost reimbursable Contract with SoCal Edison (SCE) to upgrade Division 9 (D9) and EL Monte Bus Depot utilities to support ... Approved View Download
43. 2021-0345 APPROVE Motion by Directors Garcetti, Solis, and Najarian that the Board of Directors amend the Metro Administrative Code Section 2-10-010 to refer to the Board Secretary as the Board ... Approved View Download
2021-0300 RECEIVE General Public Comment None View Download