The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Measure M Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee Watch in English Ver en EspaƱol

Wed 9/13/2023
10:00 a.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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1. 2023-0517 RECEIVE remarks by the Chair. None View Download
2. 2023-0518 APPROVE Minutes of the Measure M Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee Meeting held June 7, 2023. None View Download
3. 2023-0431 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING the Measure M Five-Year Comprehensive Assessment and Equity Report (Attachment A); and B. MAKING findings and/or recommendations for improving the Measure M ... None View Download
4. 2023-0424 RECEIVE AND FILE the attached Assessment of the Measure M Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee (MMITOC) report completed by BCA Watson Rice, LLP (BCA). None View Download
5. 2023-0506 RECEIVE oral report on Local Return. None View Download
6. 2023-0465 RECEIVE oral report on State of Good Repair. None View Download
7. 2023-0509 RECEIVE oral report on Transit and Complete Streets & Highways Projects. None View Download
8. 2023-0508 RECEIVE oral report on Measure M Active Transportation Updates. None View Download
2023-0531 RECEIVE General Public Comment None View Download