The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Wed 1/18/2017
2:00 p.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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12 2016-0939 RECEIVE AND FILE Regional Rail Update through December 2016. Received View Download
13 2016-0890 ADOPT the Development Guidelines (Attachment C) for the joint development of the 1.08-acre Metro-owned property at the Mariachi Plaza Gold Line Station. Approved View Download
14 2016-0938 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING the SCAG 2017 ATP Regional Program Implementation Project List for Los Angeles County including the assignment of ten points for consistency with regional, local, and ... Approved View Download
15 2016-0940 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. EXECUTE Modification No. 3 to Task Order No. PS2999200FFO2TO1 under Contract No. PS4010-3041-FF-XX, with Kleinfelder, Inc., for the Union Station ... Approved View Download
16 2016-0945 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING the FY 2017 Solicitation for Proposals for FTA Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, Section 5316 Job Access and Reverse Commute ... Approved View Download
17 2016-0952 CONSIDER: A. AMENDING the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to include the projects and programs in the Measure M Expenditure Plan; and B. WORKING with the Southern California ... Approved View Download
19 2016-0967 APPROVE: A. The recommended Alternative 2 Northerly Point of Access and Salem Sperry Grade Separation for the environmental documents and preliminary engineering design phase; and B. Third ... Approved View Download
20 2016-0949 CONSIDER Motion by Antonovich and Najarian that the Metro Board of Directors direct the CEO to report back to the Board in March 2017 with a status update on the High Desert Multipurpose Corridor ... Approved View Download
48 2016-0980 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to negotiate and execute contract modification(s) to Contract No. C0988 with Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructors (WSCC), for final costs ... Active View Download