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Thu 5/26/2022
10:00 a.m.
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Board Reports

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3. 2022-0365 RECEIVE remarks by the Chair. Received View Download
4. 2022-0366 RECEIVE report by the Chief Executive Officer. Received View Download
9. 2022-0355 APPROVE Motion by Directors Hahn, Solis, Mitchell, and Dutra that: Given that the 710 Task Force will very soon be finalizing the project’s Vision Statement, Guiding Principles, and Goals, the ... Approved View Download
15. 2022-0243 CONSIDER: A. ADOPTING the proposed FY23 Budget as presented in the budget document (provided in a separate transmittal and posted on <>); ... Approved View Download
16. 2022-0114 ADOPT a Resolution (Attachment A) that authorizes the issuance and sale of up to $67 million in aggregate principal amount of the Proposition C Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds in one or more ... Adopted View Download
35. 2022-0288 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. RECEIVE and FILE the Safety Contingency Plan for Law Enforcement; and B. DELEGATE authority to the Chief Executive Officer to take any and all ... Approved View Download
2. 2022-0368 APPROVE Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held April 28, 2022. Approved View Download
5. 2022-0239 APPROVE the programming of $108.79 million in state and local funds to commit local match for Metro’s grant applications to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to procure up to 160 ... Approved View Download
6. 2022-0198 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING: 1. programming of an additional $550,000 within the capacity of Measure M Multi-Year Subregional Program (MSP) - Active Transportation Program (Attachment ... Approved View Download
7. 2022-0234 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING: 1. programming of an additional $150,000 within the capacity of Measure M Multi-Year Subregional Program (MSP) - Bus System Improvement Program, (Attachment ... Approved View Download
8. 2022-0100 CONSIDER: A. Alternative 1, the “No Build” alternative, as the new Locally Preferred Alternative for the I-710 South Corridor Project Final Environmental Document; and B. RECEIVING AND FILING ... Approved View Download
10. 2022-0094 APPROVE the Resolution in Attachment A that: A. AUTHORIZES the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or their designee to claim $51,241,974 in fiscal year (FY) 2021-22 LCTOP grant funds for the ... Approved View Download
13. 2022-0251 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING the Management Audit Services FY 2022 third quarter report; and B. ADOPTING the Management Audit Services Audit Charter (Attachment B). Received View Download
17. 2021-0814 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. EXECUTE Modification No. 8 with ZEBGO Partners, JV, to continue technical consultant services for the Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Program Master Plan and ... Approved View Download
18. 2022-0185 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute Modification No. 4 to Contract No. OP1405120003367 with Los Angeles Glass Company, Inc. for Glass Replacement, and Installation services in the ... Approved View Download
25. 2021-0773 APPROVE: A. The California High Speed Rail Authority Project Management Funding Agreement (PMFA) in the amount of $423.335 million for the Link US Phase A Project and authorize the CEO to ... Approved View Download
27. 2022-0090 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING proposed amendments to the Metro Advisory Body Compensation Policy (ABC Policy) (Attachment A); and B. DELEGATING authority to the CEO or their designee to amend the ... Approved View Download
29. 2020-0501 APPROVE guidelines for the use of the Subregional Equity Program funds (Attachment A). Approved View Download
30. 2022-0101 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING and FILING the report back to Motion 43 on a 48 by 2028 Policy Objective to Increase Small and Disadvantaged Business Participation; and B. ADOPTING the Top 8 for 48 by ... Approved View Download
34. 2022-0369 CONSIDER making the following findings: Pursuant to AB 361, the Metro Board, on behalf of itself and other bodies created by the Board and subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act, including Metro’s ... Adopted View Download
2022-0370 RECEIVE General Public Comment None View Download