The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Thu 5/24/2018
9:00 a.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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2. 2018-0253 APPROVE Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held April 26, 2018. Approved View Download
5. 2017-0804 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to execute a three (3) year funding agreement with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to provide enforcement services on the I-10 and I-110 ... Approved View Download
7. 2018-0172 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING programming up to $50.05 million in Measure R 20% Highway Funds for the following North County Subregion highway operational improvement projects: 1. SR-138 (SR-14) ... Approved View Download
8. 2018-0165 APPROVE Metro’s participation in the Fashion Business Improvement District (“BID” or “District”) for a period of eight years beginning January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2026 for an estimated total ... Adopted View Download
13. 2018-0166 ADOPT the Resolution for the 2019 Los Angeles County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as shown in Attachment A. Adopted View Download
17. 2018-0138 CONSIDER: A. ADOPTING the new Bike Share Business Plan for Metro Bike Share Program (<>); B. APPROVING ... None View Download
18. 2017-0925 AUTHORIZE the: A. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to exercise options and execute Modification No. 7 to Contract No. PS272680011357 with Bicycle Transit Systems, Inc. (BTS) to activate Metro Bike ... Approved View Download
21. 2018-0129 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award and execute a 40-month firm fixed price Contract No. AE49369000 to Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., in the amount of $6,768,898 for a base ... Approved View Download
22. 2018-0130 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award and execute a 40-month firm fixed price Contract No. AE49337000 to IBI Group in the amount of $5,582,619 for a base contract to complete the ... Approved View Download
23. 2018-0150 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to award a 31 month, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity Contract No. MA46603 to KB Powertech Corporation, USA for overhaul services ... Approved View Download
28. 2018-0027 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute the Memorandum of Understanding for Operation and Maintenance Agreement (OMA) between Metro (Authority) and The City of Santa Monica (Attachment ... Approved View Download
29. 2018-0114 APPROVE a Modification to Contract No. P3010 with Kinkisharyo International, LLC for four (4) Request for Changes (RFC); RFC No. 1 Addition of Back-up Train Operator Display for a firm fixed ... Approved View Download
36. 2018-0219 ADOPT staff recommended position: A. Senate Bill 961 (Allen) - Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts SUPPORT IF AMENDED Adopted View Download
37. 2018-0214 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to expand the Multidisciplinary Homeless Outreach Program (C3) from 2 to 8 outreach teams operating seven days a week on Metro rail, bus ... Approved View Download
39. 2018-0189 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING the results of the Universal College Student Transit Pass (U-Pass) Pilot and GradPass Programs; B. APPROVING the transition of the U-Pass and GradPass Programs ... Approved View Download
40. 2018-0273 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING an update on the Metro Transportation School; and B. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ... Approved View Download
44. 2017-0730 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING report on streamlining audits for small businesses; and B. APPROVING the establishment of an Indirect Cost Rate Pilot Program for Small and Disadvantaged ... Approved View Download
45. 2017-0796 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a five-year, revenue-generating Contract No. PS43741000 to Interactive Communications International, Inc. (InComm) for the distribution of TAP gift ... Approved View Download
3. 2018-0326 RECEIVE report by the Chair. None View Download
4. 2018-0327 RECEIVE report by the Chief Executive Officer. Received View Download
6. 2018-0115 AUTHORIZE Contract Modification No. 198 by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for construction contract of the Segment 4 of the I-5 North Capacity Enhancements Project between ... Approved View Download
9. 2018-0147 CONSIDER: A. ADOPTING the proposed FY19 Budget as presented in the budget document (provided in a separate transmittal and posted on; and B. APPROVING the Life of Project (LOP) ... Adopted View Download
11. 2017-0702 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and purchase additional construction project umbrella liability insurance policies (also known as a super excess general liability insurance ... None View Download
15. 2018-0072 CONSIDER: A. RECEIVING AND FILING: 1. West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Updated Northern Alignment Options Screening Report, including project goals; and 2. Update on Public-Private ... Approved View Download
19. 2018-0108 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to: A. AWARD AND EXECUTE an 88-month, firm fixed price Contract No. AE47795000 with CH2M Hill, Inc. for $45,891,279 for Los Angeles River Bike Path ... Approved View Download
34. 2018-0186 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to execute a 5-year cost-plus fixed fee Contract No. AE48636MC074 with DHS Consulting, Inc. to provide Construction Management Support ... None View Download
2018-0329 GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT None View Download