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System Safety, Security and Operations Committee Watch in English

Thu 9/17/2015
10:15 a.m.
One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

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Board Reports

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42. 2015-0920 RECEIVE AND FILE status report on the summary and recommendations of the APTA Peer Review of Metro’s Rail Operating Practices and Programs, held in June 2015. Received View Download
43. 2015-1236 RECEIVE AND FILE report on feasibility study for the implementation of fare gates throughout the Blue Line, Expo Line Phase 1, and Gold Line. Received View Download
44. 2015-1224 APPROVING nominees for membership on Metro’s San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, and Westside Central Service Councils. Approved View Download
45. 2015-1098 Operations Employee of the Month. Presentation honoring the Operations Employees of the Month for September. This month we will be recognizing the Rail Roadeo Team that represented Metro ... Received View Download
46. 2015-1097 RECEIVE report on System Safety, Security and Operations. Received View Download
47. 2015-1265 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to: A. cancel the Private Security Services Invitation for Bid PS-14199; B. execute Contract Modification No. 16 to extend Contract No. PS26102156 ... Approved View Download
48. 2015-1166 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to execute Modification No. 8 to Contract OP30002227 for Uniform Rental services with Prudential Overall Supply in the amount of $780,000 increasing the ... Approved View Download
49. 2015-1290 INCREASING the life of project budget for the Blue and Green Lines Transit Passenger Information System, capital project 212010, by $3,842,533, increasing the life of project from $5,987,180 to ... Approved View Download
50. 2015-1226 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to award a sole source firm fixed price Contract No. PS92403277 to Xerox Transport Solutions, Inc. for the integration of a Countywide Signal Priority ... Approved View Download
51. 2015-0366 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to award a 5-year firm fixed price Contract No. PS15360111323, to FRS Environmental Inc., for parts washer services in an amount not-to-exceed $1,223,820 ... Approved View Download
64. 2015-1228 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to: A. Increase the Life of Project (LOP) budget for the 900 bus buy project to include funding for Option 1 price escalation; retrofit of operator ... Approved View Download
65. 2015-1164 AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to: A. Award a firm fixed unit rate Contract under RFP No. PS11654, for Region 1 to Woods Maintenance Services, Inc., the second lowest responsive and ... Approved View Download
52. 2015-1379 RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer. Received View Download