The Minutes for the March 28, 2024 Regular Board Meeting are available here.

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Thu 3/25/2021
10:00 a.m.
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Board Reports

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2. 2021-0144 APPROVE Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held February 25, 2021. Approved View Download
12. 2021-0032 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING the programming of an additional $430,000 within the capacity of the Measure M Multi-Year Subregional Program (MSP) Highway Efficiency Program; B. DELEGATING the ... Approved View Download
13. 2020-0866 CONSIDER: A. REPROGRAMMING of Measure R funds for the Alameda Corridor-East (ACE) Grade Separations Phase II Program to reflect the program schedule change; and B. AUTHORIZING the Chief ... Approved View Download
15. 2021-0008 CONSIDER adopting the recommendations to modernize the Highway Program and approving the release for public review: 1) REVISED Measure R Highway Program Criteria - Project Eligibility for ... Approved View Download
16. 2020-0595 CONSIDER the following BRT Vision and Principles Study recommendations: 1. DIRECT staff to apply both the BRT Standards and Design Guidelines developed through the BRT Vision & Principles ... Approved View Download
17. 2020-0902 CONSIDER: 1. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to execute an amendment to the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement and Planning Document with WIP-A, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Watt ... Approved View Download
19. 2020-0897 AUTHORIZE the CEO to award a 36-month March 2021 through March 2024, firm fixed price contract with two one (1) year extensions, on Contract Number SD66581000, to LB Foster Rail Technologies, ... Approved View Download
20. 2020-0912 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a five-year, firm fixed unit rate Contract No. PS7235000, to FRS Environmental Inc., for parts washer leasing, and maintenance services in an amount ... Approved View Download
21. 2020-0860 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute Contract Modification No. 5 to Contract No. PS46172000, with Gannett Fleming Transit & Rail Systems, for engineering support of rail maintenance ... Approved View Download
24. 2020-0055 A. Increase the Life-of-Project (LOP) Budget for the P2550 Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Midlife Modernization/Overhaul Program (CP 214003) by $46,340,841 from $160,000,000 to $206,340,841. ... Approved View Download
31. 2021-0051 A. ESTABLISH a life-of-project budget for the I-5 North County Enhancements Project in the amount of $679,400,000. B. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute project ... Approved View Download
32. 2020-0884 CONSIDER: A. FINDING that authorization of the use of alternative delivery methods, including Progressive Design/Build (PDB), will achieve integration of design, project works, and other ... Approved View Download
33. 2021-0014 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to negotiate and execute an amendment to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) dated March 7, 2018 with the City of Los Angeles for the Taylor Yard ... Approved View Download
34. 2020-0704 AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. APPROVE moving forward with the fare capping pilot; and B. NEGOTIATE and execute project-related contract awards, including contract ... Approved View Download
35. 2020-0736 CONSIDER: a. INTRODUCING a station activation and mobility hub concept at Universal City/ Studio City B Line (Red) Station; and b. AUTHORIZING staff to develop a strategic plan, including ... Approved View Download
38. 2020-0846 ADOPT staff recommended position: 1. Senate Bill 671 (Gonzalez) - Transportation: Clean Freight Corridor Efficiency Program - SUPPORT Adopted View Download
41. 2020-0636 APPROVE Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan for submittal to California Air Resources Board (CARB). Approved View Download
42. 2021-0065 CONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING AND DIRECTING the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to execute the Inglewood Transit Connector Joint Powers Authority Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement to join with the ... Approved View Download
44. 2020-0931 A. ESTABLISH a life-of-project budget for the Eastside Access Improvements Project (Project) in the amount of $29,703,098 consistent with the provisions of the Board-adopted Measure R and Measure ... Adopted View Download
3. 2021-0141 RECEIVE remarks by the Chair. Received View Download
4. 2021-0142 RECEIVE report by the Chief Executive Officer. Received View Download
7. 2020-0919 CONSIDER: A. APPROVING the allocation of $784,942,958 from Los Angeles County’s partial share of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307/ Section 5337 funds from the CRRSA Act to ... Approved View Download
8. 2021-0039 CONSIDER: A. ADOPTING a Resolution, Attachment A, that: 1. AUTHORIZES the competitive sale and issuance of up to $450 million in aggregate principal amount of Proposition C Senior Sales Tax ... Approved View Download
25. 2021-0085 RECEIVE AND FILE 2020 Customer Experience Survey Results. Received View Download
26. 2021-0137 A. AMEND the combined contract value for the three multi-agency law enforcement contracts for services through December 31, 2021 by an increase of $36,000,000 from $645,675,758 to $681,675,758. ... Approved View Download
40. 2021-0072 A. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award the following two (2) Contracts, subject to resolution of protests, if any. a. Contract No. PS66773MRT to LA SkyRail Express, a special ... Approved View Download
43. 2021-0074 RECEIVE AND FILE status report on Fareless System Initiative Update Received View Download
43.1. 2021-0157 APPROVE Motion by Directors Hahn, Garcetti, Solis, Najarian, Mitchell, and Sandoval that the Board direct the Chief Executive Officer to: 1. Report back at the April 2021 Board Meeting on the ... Approved View Download
45. 2021-0109 RECEIVE Oral Report on Crenshaw/LAX Project. Received View Download
46. 2021-0153 A. Conference with Legal Counsel - Existing Litigation - G.C. 54956.9(d)(1) William Thomas v. LACMTA, Case No. 19STCV36325 B. Public Employment - G.C. 54957 Title: Board ... None View Download
2021-0143 RECEIVE General Public Comment None View Download